Last Crumb Bakery


We are a sourdough bakery which adopts the Italian approach of making beautiful food from a few, high quality, fresh and simple ingredients.

Making good food takes time. We use natural leavening to slow down the process in order to create bakes that are flavourful and healthy.

Our breads are good to be eaten on its own, or paired with simple sides to provide a wholesome and satisfying meal.

We love baking European and Italian breads and sometimes with a local twist. Try our baker's favourites - toasted sesame & garlic loaf, and furikake focaccia!

 *We use purely sourdough for most of our bakes. Some bakes do need a little boost and we use a pinch of instant yeast for that. Check with us if you're concerned about that.


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To find out more about Last Crumb Bakery:

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