Bountiful produce is all grown right here in Singapore in our little indoor vertical farm! Ever wish you were able to get your hands on fresh vegetables that don't wilt or shrivel the next day or two after you bring them home? Look no further because our produce is freshly harvested to ensure you get only the freshest and healthiest vegetables! We are passionate about being able to grow our crops without any pesticides or harmful chemical sprays and delivering them right to your doorstep because we believe that local, fresh and clean produce should never be out of reach for our local community.


Sustainability is also a core principle of our farm. With the adoption of advanced technology, we use significantly less water than traditional farms. All our veggies also have a lower carbon footprint compared to imported vegetables. 

By enjoying Bountiful vegetables, you help make the world a greener and better place as you nourish our body

Local. Fresh. Clean. 


For recurring orders, or any other enquiries, please feel free to contact us at We'd really love to hear from you!