About Us

Backyard Fresh. As fresh as it gets.

Backyard Fresh gathers local culinarians and farmers to bring you a wide array of small-scale handmade delights and fresh produce, mostly made or grown locally on our sunny island. And best of all, items sold on Backyard Fresh are mostly made or harvested to order, which mean they are all ultra fresh. They are at their prime, in terms of taste and nutritional values, when delivered to your doorstep.

On top of pursuing our dream to deliver high quality fresh food to our local community, we have created this digital marketplace to support small businesses that prioritise quality over quantity. By supporting these artisanal food producers and farmers, you join sustainability efforts by reducing food miles and protect the global environment, while enjoying high quality fresh products that just taste awesome!

Be an advocate. Tag @BackyardfreshSG and our artisanal food makers and farmers when you enjoy our offerings!


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