Craft Truffles

At Craft Truffles, we have always loved the unmistakable taste and scent of truffles. Complex, earthy, and beguiling, its scent immediately transports us to a different world - one of rolling hills, warm sunshine, and perfumed wine; one where every meal is an indulgence.

Our founder, Kevin, has been spellbound by Italy for much of his adult life, travelling there whenever possible to enjoy its beautiful landscapes and its exceptional food. One particular trip in 2015 proved to be a turning point - he befriended Mirko, a third-generation farmer, and the both of them soon became firm friends. Their shared love for the Umbrian countryside and its agricultural produce eventually led to an exciting new chapter in Kevin’s life, when he and Mirko became co-owners on a small farm dedicated to bringing the best of black truffles to share with the keen gourmands of Singapore.

Umbria, the region where Kevin and Mirko’s farm is located, is also known as the Green Heart of Italy, famed for its untamed and fertile terroir. Each ingredient in our small-batched produced mayonnaise has been carefully sourced to be of the highest quality with no compromises. All of us at Craft Truffles, from Italy to Singapore, are proud to share the products of this beautiful region with you.

Every jar of Craft Truffles contains not just a dip nor a condiment spread - it is so much more. Explore our website to find out more about our products, and try out our recipe suggestions too. You’ll be surprised to see how the flavour of familiar meals and snacks can be elevated by our mayonnaise. Share your creations and tag us on Instagram - we would love to see what wonderful meals you whip up!

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