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Our beans are roasted at a local roastery and are allowed to de-gas and rest before the brewing process. The beans are ground immediately before being steeped with filtered water for 13 hours. Our cold brew packs a punch with a "heavier-than-most" coffee grounds to water ratio. The result is a smokey cup of "gao" cold brew with enough caffeine to either kickstart your day or keep you going! Our friends who prefer a lighter brew can dilute our brew to taste. Works well taken neat or with milk for a smoother finish.


This is equivalent to about 4.5 cups of brewed coffee. This bottle size is perfect to carry around for a quick refreshing boost whenever, wherever.


This is equivalent to about 9 cups of brewed coffee. This will store nicely in your fridge for that caffeine boost when needed. 

Ingredients: Coffee beans, Filtered water

Storage Advice:

  • Best consumed within one (1) week.
  • Keep refrigerated

Availability: Monday, Wednesday and Friday delivery. Orders to be made at least 2 days prior to delivery. 

*We operate on a bottle return policy as part of our efforts to reduce waste. Please rinse your bottle and hand it back to the delivery crew upon your next order - each bottle returned will earn you 50 BFF points (credited into your BFF account within 2 days of return).

Freshly made by The Daily Essence.

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