Crystal Lettuce | Bountiful
Crystal Lettuce | Bountiful
Crystal Lettuce | Bountiful

Crystal Lettuce | Bountiful

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Crystal lettuce is a relatively new variety (since 2017) that is sweet and crunchy with the bite of an iceberg lettuce. Its ability to maintain its texture and crunchiness when combined with warm ingredients make this variety ideal for burgers, sandwiches and asian-type "hotpot" dishes. This variety is high in folate, potassium and manganese.

Weight: Sold as a whole head (about 150g)

All fresh herbs and vegetables by Bountiful are grown locally and without pesticides. 

Grown and freshly harvested by Bountiful 

(Info: A side salad typically requires about 50-80g of salad greens per portion.) 

Looking for inspirations or ideas on how to use the lettuce? Check out some recipes here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My go-to-greens!

Love how the vegs from Bountiful is always so fresh, crunchy, and best - free from pesticides! Their crystal lettuce is my personal fave and without fail, the default order list!

Hz Tan
Fresh and crunchy

The title says it all. Never tasted lettuce that is this fresh and crunchy. Love it!


My favourite. So sweet and crunchy. I can eat it with just anything!

Madam Tan
Crispy gem and crystal lettuce

We stir fried both types with garlic and wolfberries and love the freshness and crunchy taste of the crystal lettuce and the sweetness of the crispy gem. Will definitely buy again