Limoncello Cocktail with Mint

Cocktail Herbs Mint

A lovely customer shared her cocktail recipe using the super fresh Mint from Bountiful! Enjoy :) 

Limoncelle Cocktail with Mint

Serves 2


  • San Pellegrino Chinotto - 1 can (well chilled)
  • Lemon liquor (Limoncello) - 40 ml
  • Vodka - 40 ml
  • 4 sprigs of fresh mint

1. Wash and pluck mint leaves from stalk.

2. Gently rub mint leaves with hands to release flavours.

3. For alcohol base --In a cocktail shaker, add mint leaves, vodka and limoncello with a few cubes of ice and shake vigorously till the alcohol base is infused with mint flavour.

4. Strain away mint leaves and divide alcohol base equally into two cocktail or champagne glasses. (Do not throw away mint leaves!)

5. Top with San Pellegrino till full and top with some mint leaves and a couple of ice cubes per glass.

We love to hear from you! Tell us how you enjoy this recipe, or if you have other recipes to share with us! 

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