Wanpaku Sandwich わんぱくサンド

Arugula Ice Plant

Meet the newest and hottest style of sandwich from Japan – Wanpaku Sandwich or Wanpaku Sando for short. Stuffed with colorful vegetables and layering ingredients, these solid Japanese sandwiches present endless possibilities! 
Sharing a recipe from one of our customers! 
Serving size: 2 


1. 4 slices of thick cut soft bread
2. Four slices of ham
3. One cup of rocket leaves (coarsely chopped)
4. One cup of ice plant (coarsely chopped)
5. One can of tuna (well-drained)
6. Half a carrot (julienned)
7. One large tomato 
8. Mustard (Sufficient amount to spread)
9. Salt, Sugar and Pepper
10. Japanese vinegar - 1 tablespoon
11. Four tablespoons of Japanese mayonnaise


1. Finely julienne the carrot. Place into a bowl, add vinegar, pinch of salt, sugar to soften the julienned carrot.
2. Cut tomato into 8 thin slices and pat dry on kitchen paper.
3. Once carrots have softened, drain the liquid, add four tablespoons of mayonnaise to the drained can tuna(more if tuna spread looks dry) and mix the carrots in. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper
4. Assemble the sandwich: 
  • Place a sheet of plastic cling wrap across the cutting board (your cling wrap should cover the length of your cutting board as you would need to wrap your sandwich up).
  • Place two slices of thick bread side by side.
  • Spread mustard on one slice of bread, place 2 slices of ham on top, 4 slices of tomatoes followed by half the quantity of chopped vegetables. Press vegetables down firmly without crushing the bread too much.
  • Spread half the quantity of tuna spread on the other slice of bread. Place the bread onto the vegetables, such that both slices of bread are sandwiching the filling.
  • Press down firmly but do not flatten the sandwich too much.
  • Cling wrap your sandwich firmly by stretching the cling wrap and wrapping it around the sandwich. Make sure that you maintain the tension in the cling wrap while wrapping, it helps to use one hand to manoeuvre the cling wrap (left to right direction) while the other hand holds the sandwich down. 
  • Once you have firmly wrapped up your sandwich, cut with a sharp knife down the middle.
  • Repeat the above to make the second sandwich
5. Enjoy the beautiful and yummy sandwiches with your dining partner!

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