All about Mizuna!

Bok Choy Komatsuna Mizuna Salad

Mizuna is a leafy green vegetable that’s native to East Asia. They have feathery serrated edges and have a glossy surface that make the green wonderfully decorative. 

A mustard green, it's high in folic acid, vitamin A, carotenoids and vitamin C. Mizuna holds a distinct flavor profile - a peppery, slightly bitter flavor - and is one of the most interesting greens around. While not entirely the same, it can be substituted with arugula. 

While commonly used as part of a salad on its own or as part of a mix, it can also be enjoyed cooked or pickled

We've put together a compilation of mizuna recipes below. Do drop us a note if you have any other mizuna recipes to share! 




  • Mizuna Azazuke Pickle - A fast and simple recipe to make a traditional Japanese salted pickle which makes an excellent condiment or salty accent side dish.
  • Mizuna Pesto - An alterative to your usual basil pesto. 
Do share photos of your creations with us and let us know how you like these recipes!

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